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WATCH: Every Single Video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dancing, Twirling, and Being in Love at Coachella



Travis and Taylor at coachella,,



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce showed up at Coachella on Saturday night, and honestly the videos are simply too much to handle so gonna just get right to them dancing (during Bleachers’ set!) together:

And here’s Trav dancing with his arm around Tay:


And even MORE casual arm-around-her dancing:

Meanwhile, here we have Travis just, like, grinning at Taylor so cutely:

And Travis straight up TWIRLING Taylor like they’re at their own personal prom together:

The couple then joined crowds in the pit to wait for Ice Spice’ performance:

And met up with Sabrina Carpenter and Barry Keoghan:

And then they were singing along to “Karma!”

Genuinely this is all too much for me. But before we go, here’s Travis musing on how much Taylor has influenced his music: “It’s definitely been fun to experience her taste in music, for sure. She’s so amazing at what she does. And to find that creativity to see where she likes to pull things from and just, really, how she listens to music is very eye-opening for me. It’s been fun to hear her take on it.”


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