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VIDEO:Taylor Swift can now get MARRIED in ornate TENNESSEE CASTLE where She filmed smash hit ‘LOVE STORY’ music video



Taylor Swift in Tennesse castle



Taylor Swift fans can now live out their own love stories and get married in the ornate Tennessee castle where the singer filmed her romantic hit song.

With its white spires and twisting staircases, Castle Gwynn in Arrington is immediately recognizable to Swifties as the set for the ‘Love Story’ music video on the 2008 Fearless album.

And now the fairytale castle is opening up a new great hall and newly-wed suite to play host to lucky brides and grooms from the end of 2024.

Lucky betrothed can tie the knot in the same spot where Taylor played out her ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story.


Taylor Swift In Tennesse Castle,

The castle, built by Mike Freeman and his wife Jackie, has ornate brickwork, stained glass windows, soaring spires and 12th century gargoyles that bring the new-build to life.

Freeman had always wanted to live in a castle and in 1970, he began planning how to make his dream a reality.

In 1980 he bought the 40 acres of land the castle sits on and started construction, paying as much as he could afford into the project each month and doing much of the work himself.

He told The Tennessean: ‘I spent 10 years researching on how to build the outside of the castle’.

Taylor Swift in Tennesse Castle,,

But the castle’s story changed forever in 2008 when a then-18-year-old Taylor Swift chose it as the location for her latest music video.

Freeman told WKRN: ‘The year after the first video we had a school day and I had 300 little girls who asked, “Where did Taylor Swift stand? I want to stand in the same place.”

‘We’ve had quite a few fans, really. Every one of them says, “Where did Taylor Swift stand?”’

Freeman got to meet Swift while she was filming at the castle, telling the outlet: ‘The few times she’s been out here, it’s just been like you and I talking, she’s just a wonderful, beautiful girl.

‘Her parents are just as nice. They’re just super people… She’s just a good role model too. It’s hard to find these days. To have the castle, it’s part of her legacy.’

room in tennesse castle

Around 75 crewmembers descended on the set to make the video, working until 2am and making modifications to the façade to match their vision.

The art director painted a portion of the plain wall with stones that can still be seen today.

Freeman designed the castle in the style of 12th-century Welsh border castles and was inspired by his own trips to castles in France as he built the first tower.

He told the Tennessean: ‘I’ve tried to make it as authentic as possible.

‘These were 12th-century border castles, and they’ve got the French influence. Castles were built over hundreds of years anyway, so having several different styles is not uncommon.’

room in Tennesse castle,

Each of the castle’s towers has a winding staircase leading off to different rooms.

Freeman said it took nearly two years to complete the brickwork in just the kitchen which is complete with stained glass windows and 12th century gargoyles from the UK.

As well as Swifties, history buffs might be drawn to a wedding at the venue with its historic furniture and features.

room in Tennesse castle,

In the kitchen there is a 400-year-old table from Warwick Castle as well as a 600-year-old floor tile with the coat of Henry VII.

The couple primarily live in the North tower, but they are now adding a new great hall to serve as a venue space for weddings.


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