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Incredible: Two Taylor Swift fans were in for the shock of a lifetime when they asked a fellow concert-goer at the Eras Tour in Los Angeles to take a photo of them – only to later discover that their photographer was none other than Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh.





One of the Swifties, named Neen, opened up about the experience in a recent TikTok video – leaving the internet in uproar over her accidental celebrity run-in.I


Neen explained that she ‘asked a super nice lady’ sitting in the front row of her section to snap a picture of her and a pal standing in front of the stage before the 33-year-old singer started her performance at SoFi stadium on August 9.


Afterwards, she recalled thinking that the woman who captured the image looked a lot like Cristina Yang from the drama series Grey’s Anatomy, but didn’t think much of it.


Afterwards, she recalled thinking that the woman who captured the image looked a lot like Cristina Yang from the drama series Grey’s Anatomy, but didn’t think much of it


But when Sandra, 52, uploaded footage of herself in the audience hours later to her Instagram Stories, it was all the confirmation that she needed.

‘I will never ever get over this,’ Neen wrote in the caption of the video.

Following the sold-out show, Sandra posted a sweet selfie that showed her surrounded by a sea of Taylor’s fans on social media, which she captioned, ‘Me and my fave Swifties.’

She also shared a video of herself rocking out to one of her songs, writing, ‘Thank you @TaylorSwift for the time of our lives.’

In the comment section, Neen said that while they later suspected it was her, they weren’t 100 per cent sure and ‘were too scared’ to ask her if she was actually Sandra because they were scared they were ‘wrong.’

It’s no secret that Taylor is a huge fan of Sandra’s. Back in 2019, she was spotted approaching the actress at the Time 100 Gala in New York City and asking her for a selfie.

During her speech at the event, she also made sure to give the star a shoutout, gushing, ‘I know Sandra Oh is in the room, which shakes me to my very core. That’s my whole life there.’

The popstar has professed to watching ‘hours upon hours’ of the doctor show in the past, and she even named one of her cats after the main character, Meredith Grey.

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