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Travis Kelce can’t believe Jason lost his Super Bowl ring, calls brother a ‘f**kin imbecile’



Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce



Retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has revealed that his cherished Super Bowl ring has gone missing.

Jason’s ring took a dive in a pool filled of chili

Breaking the news on Wednesday’s episode of his New Heights podcast, Kelce left listeners stunned as he recounted the bizarre circumstances surrounding the disappearance of his prized possession.

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During a live event at the University of Cincinnati, aptly titled “Jason Lost His Ring,”Kelce lent his Super Bowl ring for a competition.

Teams feverishly scoured two inflatable pools filled with chili, hoping to uncover the elusive treasure among decoys.

However, what started as a light-hearted contest took a distressing turn as Kelce realized his ring was nowhere to be found.


Jason Kelce on Eagles jersey

Amidst the chaos, his brother, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, couldn’t help but express his disbelief, dubbing Jason a “f**kin imbecile” for his role in the ring’s disappearance.

Despite efforts including a metal detector sweep, the ring remained elusive, leading Kelce to lament its likely fate in a landfill somewhere in the Cincinnati/Tri-State area.

While Kelce had submitted an insurance claim, doubts lingered over whether it would be covered.

Kelce brothers’ banter continues to delight fans

The incident sparked a playful yet heated exchange between Kelce and his brother on the legitimacy of the situation.

Amidst the banter, Kelce emphasized his familiarity with the ring’s location, akin to leaving it in his house only to have it taken.

This revelation adds a quirky chapter to Kelce’s storied career.

As a six-time All-Pro honoree and future Hall of Famer, Kelce’s on-field prowess is undisputed.

However, his penchant for misplacing his Super Bowl ring has become part of his legend, culminating in this unforeseen loss.

The episode also shed light on the brothers’ close bond, evident in their playful jabs and unwavering support.

Alongside their parents and Jason’s wife, the Kelce brothers recently celebrated their roots at the inaugural Lombaby Games at the University of Cincinnati, showcasing their enduring connection to their alma mater.


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