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Travis Kelce Ate a 30-Slice Pizza at This Cincinnati Restaurant — and He’s Planning His Return



Travis Kelce and pizza


The NFL star and his brother Jason Kelce will visit Cincinnati for a live taping of their podcast on April 11. They discussed the trip on Wednesday’s episode of New Heights and revealed “the first thing” they plan to do while in their old college town.

“Adriatico’s Pizza,” Travis said.

“I’ve seen you eat a full Bearcat all by yourself,” Jason added, referring to the restaurant’s oversized pizza pie, which typically serves 10 to 12 people and comes out to 30 slices, according to the website.

“And I was bigger than you right now,” Travis said. Jason chimed in, “You were enormous. Might’ve been the most impressive physical feat I’ve ever seen you do.”

Travis stood by his decision to eat the 18-x-24-inch pizza. “I got back down to 250 and won a Super Bowl that year,” Travis said proudly. Though he was quick to add that he might not be willing to do it again: “Maybe not a Bearcat,” he laughed of his upcoming order at Adriatico’s.


Travis Kelce and Adriatico's restaurant

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is seemingly a pizza connoisseur. While visiting his home state of Ohio in March, he stopped by Geraci’s Slice Shop for some fresh za. According to a manager at the retro-inspired spot in downtown Cleveland, Travis ordered both a pepperoni slice and the restaurant’s popular “Hot Tito” slice, a pepperoni and sausage slice drizzled with hot honey.

The shop’s owner recognized him and snapped a photo of the athlete for Geraci’s Instagram account. In the caption, they joked that during his next visit, he should bring girlfriend Taylor Swift for a slice of her own.

“When NFL star and Heights legend @killatrav swings by Geraci’s Slice Shop, you know it’s going to be a touchdown-worthy slice!” the caption read. “Next time bring Taylor 😉 🏈🍕.”

Also during Wednesday’s episode of New Heights, the brothers were joined by Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley, who asked which Kelce would win in a drinking contest.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve beaten Jason the last three to five times,” Travis said at the start.

Jason immediately defended himself. “This is completely made up.” He then said that he can “definitely drink more volume – I don’t think that’s a question.”

And when it comes to drinking games, the dad of three said he’d beat his brother without question. “I will destroy him because I got the mental advantage,” Jason added.

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