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This Video of Travis Kelce Kissing Taylor Swift’s Face at Coachella Will Make You Melt



Travis and Taylor at coachella,,



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce being adorable at Coachella to go through. In case you were out living your life this weekend and didn’t notice, Tay and Trav showed up at Coachella on Saturday night to watch Ice Spice and Bleachers before being spotted making at the Neon Carnival after-party while DJ James Kennedy was playing. I repeat (in all-caps), DJ JAMES KENNEDY WAS PLAYING.

Meanwhile, what we have below is a video of Travis stroking and kissing Taylor’s cheek while they were right in the middle of a crowd. As this person on Twitter perfectly put it, “Don’t speak to me for the next 13 business days.”

Also, here’s more ~content~ of them dancing, swaying, and kissing during Bleachers:

And speaking of their vibes during this ^^^ moment, an “eyewitness” told Us Weekly, “Taylor and Travis were in the wings of the stage watching the Bleachers set. Taylor and Travis were screaming, dancing, and full-on making out during the set.” The source then added, “[It] looked like they were having the best time and very much in love.”


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Coachella

Can concur this is true as a fellow “eyewitness” who just spent a lot of time watching these videos.


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