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Taylor Swift targets exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy: Fans spot key lyrics in The Tortured Poets Department taking aim at ‘life-ruining, worst men’ after failed high-profile romances



Matty Healy, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn



Taylor Swift is clueing fans in on the demise of her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn as well as her short-lived fling with The 1975 rocker Matty Healy in songs on her new album The Tortured Poets Department.

Fans rushed to stream the 16-track album when it was released to platforms on Thursday night so they’d finally learn the details of Swift’s latest failed romances.

Many fans had predicted that The Tortured Poets Department album would be the ultimate Joe/Taylor ‘breakup album’ as it’s been speculated the name was a direct dig at the British actor, who she dated from 2016 to early 2023.

Swift found herself in a whirlwind romance with Healy — though neither ever directly confirmed — that started in April 2023 after they were seen kissing in NYC.

But the fling ended as fast as it began after Healy’s ‘bad boy’ image and ‘racist’ remarks caused squeaky clean Swift to face backlash.

Swift is now happily in love with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce — but it’s clear she still has a few bones to pick with the ‘worst men’ in her life.

SUBJECT: Matt Healy


Matty Healy, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn.,

‘Fortnight’ is the album’s lead single featuring rapper/singer Post Malone.

In it, Swift appears to to take aim at Healy — who she refers to as her ‘miracle move-on-drug’ — and how their toxic love was ‘ruining my life.’

She sings: ‘And no one here’s to blame/ But what about your quiet treason? /I took the miracle move-on-drug/ The effects were temporary/ And I love you, it’s ruining my life.’

The track’s title Fortnight, a British English word defined as ‘a period of two weeks,’ could be perceived as a direct nod to the British rocker as well as the brevity of their relationship.

Fans penned: ‘Am I the only one who thinks #Fortnight is about Matt Healy?… I have a theory, how long did the relationship with Matt lasted? What if it was… for a fortnight?’

SUBJECT: Joe Alwyn

The album’s third track includes a lyric that could be about Joe as fans have long accused him of shying away from Swift’s spotlight and forcing her to be ‘secretive.’

‘Put me back on my shelf/ But first, pull the string and I’ll tell you that he runs because he loves me,’ the Pennsylvania native sings.

Later in the song, she talks of ‘playing pretend’ with a past lover and being left as ‘broken parts.’

The lyrics go: ‘I felt more when we played pretend than with all the Kens/ ‘Cause he took me out of my box/ Stole my tortured heart/ Left all these broken parts/ Told me I’m better off/ But I’m not’.

A fan took to Twitter to write: ‘My boy only breaks his favorite toy – this confirms, their relationship was toxic af and Joe is clearly a narcissist’.


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