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Taylor Swift on high alert after rival music star admitted desire to date Travis Kelce and he entertained it on his podcast





Taylor Swift may have been a little wary when Jason and Travis Kelce invited another popular music star on their New Heights Show podcast. But after dating Travis for nearly a year, there was no reason not to trust him in the presence of someone else in the industry. Then an unexpected pass was made toward the Kansas City Chiefs tight end live on this week’s podcast, and Kelce did very little to shut it down.

Music star makes Travis Kelce blush

“It was very early with you and Taylor,” their guest recalled in the face-to-face conversation with Travis. “They were talking about the idea of you and her. And I was like, I totally get it.”


Taylor Hugs Travis

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“The way he danced, I DM’d you immediately and was like ‘This is crazy,'” Lil Dicky said.

“You said this?” Kelce responded, his first time hearing the rapper’s comments. “I’m honored. Dude, I’ll sign your d*ck right now.”

Lil Dicky confirmed that if he were a woman, he would date Travis Kelce in a heartbeat. Thankfully for Swift, that’s not the reality. In some ways, it was an affirmation from her colleague that she found quite the catch in Kelce.


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Travis Kelce still doesn’t know how he pulled Taylor Swift

Later on in the episode, Kelce’s sweet comment got him back on the good side of Swifties. He told Lil Dicky and his brother Jason that he still doesn’t know how he was lucky enough to end up with such an incredible girlfriend like Taylor Swift.

“why did that make me smile so big?” a Swift fan said on Twitter/X of Kelce’s remark. “Neither of them were expecting it, but love is just so beautiful.”


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