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Taylor Swift gets brutally TROLLED for lyric about wanting to return to ‘the 1830s but without all the racists’



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Taylor Swift has been brutally trolled online for her lyric about wanting to go back to ‘the 1830s, but without all the racists.’

The 34-year-old released her hotly anticipated new album The Tortured Poets Department on Friday, to a ravenous response from her devoted fans.

Listeners instantly began combing the lyrics to find barbed references to her ex-boyfriends, including Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy.

But she was also mocked for one line from the album’s track, I Hate It Here, which is about feeling a sense of ennui in the present era.

‘My friends used to play a game where we would pick a decade we wished we could live in instead of this. I’d say the 1830s, but without all the racists and getting married off for the highest bid,’ she sang – inspiring widespread derision.


Taylor Swift at the show

One user of X, formerly Twitter, argued that it was ‘pretty astonishing to stipulate that she wants to live in the 1830s, ‘except without the racists,’ and not mention slavery, so slavery still exists but everyone’s chill about it.’

‘I know I can’t stfu abt Taylor Swift but of all time periods WHY THE 1830s???’ another wrote. ‘The most notable event from the time period is the trail of tears like I cannot wrap my head around it? Is this another one of her dumbass codes?’

‘She said ‘without all the racism’.. like it was rain or something lmfaoooo,’ one marveled, to which another responded incredulously: ‘like???? you don’t have the 1830’s without the racism lmao it’s integral’.

Still another X user wrote: ‘To a certain extent I get it like things were extremely simple but 1830’s AMERICA WHERE SLAVERY WAS STILL VERY LEGAL WHATS GREAT ABOUT THAT???? That worries me as a black listener and that’s why I stepped away.’

One social media user insisted that ‘the 1830’s without racism is like a book with no pages,’ and another quipped: ‘why would she pick the 1830s then. what about the 1830s speaks to taylor swift specifically. is she a big fan of andrew jackson’.

In other quarters, Taylor’s new album has been fiercely defended – to the point that a negative review has just inspired the ire of her fans.

The Tortured Poets Department was slammed in a piece titled: ‘Taylor Swift’s new album shows one thing: She could use a break’.

‘Faced with 16-odd songs about her boyfriends and breakups, many listeners might be yearning for a return to the days of folklore and evermore, when Swift created fictional stories to illuminate her songwriting’ music critic Nick Bond writes.


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