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Prince Harry may face HUGE PROBLEMS when RENEWING his visa, says immigration lawyer



Can't stop smilling Prince Harry and his wife Meghan markle



Prince Harry holds a valid visa which allows him to live in the US – but he may have issues when it’s time to renew.

The Heritage Foundation brought the Department of Homeland Security to court in February, demanding Harry’s visa application be made public.

The conservative think-tank is under the impression Harry ‘lied’ on his application about prior drug use and was shown special treatment.

The form is currently under review and in chambers with Washington DC-based Judge Carl Nichols.

Charlotte Slocombe, a partner at Fragomen who is both a US attorney and UK solicitor, says: “There may be impact at renewal, if he previously did not hold a waiver and is now found to require a waiver of inadmissibility due to public disclosures, information, or changes of fact since his last application.”


Meghan markle and Prince Harry in Nigeria

According to Ms Slocombe, Harry most likely holds an A-1 or O-1 visa, which, depending on the type, would play a role in admissibility issues.

The A-1 visa is issued to diplomats and government officials. The O-1 visa is for individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements.

The immigration lawyer says: “Such admissibility issues do not apply to the A-1 visa category but would apply to the O-1 and other categories, where he would be treated the same as any other applicant.”

Ms Slocombe has also explained what Harry can expect moving forward with the visa rewnewal process.

She said: “If he was found to have an admissibility concern and was issued a waiver, then this will certainly impact a Green Card or US Citizenship filing.

“The waiver process is far more onerous for a Green Card filing than an O-1 visa and for US citizenship itself an applicant cannot show ‘good moral character’ if they have violated a controlled substance related law.”


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