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Odell Beckham Jr. Allegedly Broke Up With Kim Kardashian After Her Reported, Family-Oriented Plans About Them



Odell Becham Jr and Kim Kardashian


Just as quickly as they started, it’s reported that Odell Beckham Jr. and Kim Kardashian have called it quits. Their secret romance seemed like it could go the distance, despite Kardashian even swearing off dating for quite some time. However, right when insiders claimed Kardashian wanted to start a family with Beckham, it’s been alleged that he broke up with her because of it.

So let’s rewind: last week, multiple outlets claimed that Kardashian had her eyes on potentially starting a family with Beckham. Life and Style Mag even had an insider claim that “Now that the cat’s out of the bag and they’re going more public with the relationship and things are feeling solid, Kim’s starting to plan a future with him.”


Kim Kardashian Odell Beckham jr

“She wants another child and she loves the idea of having a baby with Odell — he has such great genetics and she can’t help imagining how beautiful their baby would be,” the insider continued. “She has plenty of frozen eggs so it’s really just a matter of talking Odell into this plan, even if that means making it worth his while financially!”

Then, on March 25, the outlet MLFootball reported in a tweet update: “🚨UPDATE: Odell Beckham Jr. has reportedly BROKEN UP with Kim Kardashian after her comments the other day.”

DailyMail also backed up the claims of their split. For those who don’t know, Kardashian and Beckham were seen together numerous times over the past few months, with reports coming in that they’ve been casually seeing each other since 2023.

But as of March 2024, they may have ended things.

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