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Married At First Sight star Clare Verrall reveals her humiliating tattoo fail as she gets misspelled Taylor Swift lyrics inked on her back



Taylor Swift on Stage and Clare



Married At First Sight star Clare Verrall took to social media on Wednesday to reveal her recent humiliating tattoo fail.

The former reality star, 40, admitted on Instagram she wanted the lyric ‘F**k the patriarchy’ from Taylor Swift’s extended All Too Well song tattooed on her lower back.

Unfortunately, her tattoo artist misspelled the word ‘patriarchy’ as ‘pairiarchy’, leading to some embarrassing conversations after she showed her tattoo to her family.

‘I thought I would get ‘f**k the patriarchy’ as a tramp stamp because I have always been a staunch feminist. I thought they knew how to spell!’ she told the Listnr Newsroom podcast.


Tatoo mistatkes

‘I can’t spell! I then sent a picture of my tattoo to family and my sister asks what ‘pairiarchy’ is. They made the T an I, my tat said ‘f**k the pairiarchy’.

‘My mum then wrote, “spelling was never your forte, darling”,’ Clare added.

Fortunately, Clare was able to visit a different tattoo artist who was able to rectify the mistake and give her the inking she originally wanted.

Tatoo mistakes

The stunner has been on a weight loss journey since 2018, gradually shedding the pounds she put on after filming Married At First Sight back in 2016.

She previously told New Idea that she’d weighed 119kg at her heaviest and was ordering three pizzas a day.
Verrall told the publication that her resentment over her failed MAFS marriage to Jono Pitman was partially to blame for her weight gain.

Clare Varell

Clare finally underwent liposuction in June this year and made sure to document the results on Instagram.

In one photo, the former reality star flaunted her bruised stomach and in another, she showed off her waist.

Her post was one day after she excitedly gushed about the cosmetic work on her Instagram stories during the entire procedure.

She said she was ‘excited’ about getting rid of her ‘saddle bags and side butt’.


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