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Machine Gun Kelly is asked to say three mean things about Taylor Swift on Hot Ones Versus with Trippie Redd… and his answer may surprise you



Machine Gun Kelly and Taylor Swift



Machine Gun Kelly is not looking to go against the huge Swiftie fan base anytime soon, refusing to bash singer Taylor Swift.

The 34-year-old singer (born Colson Baker) squared off against fellow rapper Trippie Redd, 24 (born Michael Lamar White IV), on a new episode of Hot Ones Versus.

The conceit of the show is that each contestant has both ‘a stack of deeply personal questions’ and a plate of wings, and if they refuse to answer, they must eat a ‘death wing. MGK was asked about his offer last year to Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, stating he would personally give him an extra $1 million if he left his Kansas City Chiefs to play for the rapper’s beloved Cleveland Browns.

He then was asked, ‘to burn that bridge by saying three mean things about Taylor Swift,’ though MGK refused to do so… despite saying that he was answering every question after eating a few spicy wings. ‘Ladies and gentleman… you have got to be out of your motherf***ing mind if you think I want any smoke with that fanbase,’ MGK admitted.

‘Also, Taylor is a saint and very nice to me, and Travis is my bro,’ while Trippie Redd joked, ‘Kiss her feet while you’re at it.’


Machine Gun Kelly and Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce

‘Jesus Christ, I just… bro, she’s just very nice. She’s very, very nice,’ he said, while clarifying his offer to her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

‘And also, to the narrative of people who are like, “That’s it?” I said I would give him $1 million spending money… on top of what the NFL… I’m not the f***ing NFL so obviously they would have to pay him like $30 million or $40 million or whatever the f**k. I said I would give him a bonus of $1 million and… I’m just gonna eat a chicken wing.’

Shortly after eating the obligatory chicken wing for refusing to say mean things about Taylor Swift, he asked for a waste basket and threw up.

Just two months earlier, MGK was hanging with Swift and his ex-fiancee Megan Fox at the Super Bowl, which Kelce’s Chiefs won.

Earlier in the interview, MGK was asked to rank five of his ex-fiancee Megan Fox’s movies, putting her 2009 cult classic Jennifer’s Body up top.

Machine Gun Kelly and Taylor Swift..

‘I would rate that as a GOAT movie,’ he said of Jennifer’s Body, adding that Fox ‘killed that’ role in the horror comedy opposite Amanda Seyfried.

Below Jennifer’s Body he put 2007’s Transformers, 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and 2023’s The Expendables 4.

Another question for mgk asked him to rank his friends from most to least talented – Trippie Redd, SNL alum Pete Davidson, 30, and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, 48.

Not wanting to upset anyone in his inner circle, mgk opted for the scorching hot wing.

‘Those are all of literally all of like my best friends, there’s no f***ing way,’ I’m gonna answer, mgk said. ‘These are like, my group chat, you are not starting controversy in this s***.’


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