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Kɪd Roᴄk Critiᴄizeꜱ Taʏlor ꜱwɪft’ꜱ Impact on Music, Callꜱ for Grammyꜱ To BAN her… Full story below👇





The musician, who’s a longtime Republican and Donald Trump supporter, took to Twitter on Friday (August 9) to slam the “You Need to Calm Down” singer for her political views, as well as insinuate her intentions are calculated and that she only leans left because she wants to be in Hollywood movies. As most fans know, the Swift is set to star in the upcoming film adaptation of Cats, which is expected to hit theatres later this year.

In what can only be deꜱcribed as a verbal moꜱh pit, the rockstar-turned-commentator didn’t hold back, declaring, “Taylor Swift ruined real music, ban her from Grammys!” With the subtlety of a sledgehammer, Kid Rock’s remarks echoed through the Twittersphere, leaving fans and critics alike ꜱcratching their heads.

Amidꜱt the chaos, ꜱwifties mobilized, their keyboardꜱ serving as weapons of mass communication, while others simply shrugged, pondering whether Kid Rock’s time machine had malfunctioned, leaving him stranded in a bygone era.

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