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JUST IN: TRADEGY as Taylor Swift in tears After a family member PASSED AWAY days before her birthday – after going viral while attending pop star’s Sydney concert, Travis Kelce send Condolence





The brave nine-year-old girl from Perth who captured hearts during Taylor Swift’s Sydney concert has died.

Scarlett Oliver, who had been battling a severe form of brain cancer known as high-grade glioma, became an internet sensation after sharing a heartfelt moment with the pop superstar during her performance.

Her father, Paul, shared the sorrowful news through an emotional Instagram post, expressing his profound grief and the void left by his daughter’s passing.

‘My Angel, so strong, so brave, so beautiful Nothing will ever be the same again. Don’t forget me and please find a way to let me know you are OK. Goodnight baby, I love you – Dad. It’s just not fair,’ his post read.

Scarlett’s journey to the spotlight occurred when she attended one of Swift’s sold-out concerts at Accor Stadium in Sydney in late February.

During the opening night of Swift’s three-show stint in Sydney, Scarlett was chosen to participate on stage during the performance of Swift’s hit single 22.


Taylor Swift and a fan,

The US singer has established a tradition where she gives a signed hat to one lucky fan in the crowd while singing her song, 22.

The duo shared a memorable hug, a moment that quickly went viral, drawing attention from fans worldwide.

However, the weeks following this joyful encounter were fraught with health struggles for Scarlett.

Earlier this month, her father revealed through social media that Scarlett was not doing well, indicating that she had ‘weeks rather than months’ left.

He detailed the challenges she faced, including complications with a feeding tube and extreme fatigue, leading to a significant seizure just after being discharged from the hospital.

‘Scarlett was granted a ‘Wish’ from the Make A Wish Foundation and her wish was to meet Taylor Swift,’ Natalie wrote in the post.

‘Unfortunately, they told us this wasn’t possible so through the power of social media and some generous people we made attending the concert happen and got tickets.’

She then shared a picture of Scarlett, who has been given just 12-18 months to live, holding a poster that read ‘Taylor can I have the 22 hat please?’


Taylor Swift and a fan,

Later at the concert, the young girl’s wish was Taylor’s command. The singer invited Scarlett up to the stage, embraced her while she handed over the fedora, then tenderly kissed her hands.

Footage of the moment was shared on social media, and many fans expressed joy at the heartwarming scene.

‘Sobbing,’ wrote one, while another posted a series of crying emoji.

‘It’s the sweetest thing!! She deserves it so much!!’ said another Swiftie.

‘Aw they chose the right Swiftie,’ wrote one more, while another declared ‘Not even there and me and my sister are in tears.’

‘Bawling my eyes out. So precious!’ another expressed.


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