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Jason Kelce shames Travis Kelce for his disgraceful beer chugging behavior at a classy event



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Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce share as tight of a bond as any set of brothers out there. But that didn’t stop Jason from scolding his little brother on their podcast New Heights Show when he felt like Travis’ controversial beer chug brought shame on the Kelce name.

Travis Kelce’s shameful beer chug

The viral moment occurred at a live edition of the New Heights Show, hosted at the Kelce brothers’ alma mater, University of Cincinnati.

One of the most important parts of their otherwise goofy live show was to have Jason and Travis finally receive their college diplomas. In typical Kelce fashion, fun-loving Travis had a beer in his hand before he was called to walk across the stage.

“Hopefully you guys can understand that me chugging the beer was because I had a beer in my hand and I had to receive the diploma,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end explained matter-of-factly. “So I had to get the beer out of my hand some way. Might as well just finish it.”


Travis Kelce beer chugging behavior

Jason, 36, nodded along with Travis’ reasoning for drinking the beer, but that wasn’t the part he felt his little brother should be embarrassed about.

“If there’s anything anybody should’ve been upset with, it’s the fact that you didn’t finish that chug,” Jason said to his brother. “That’s why I was upset. There was just way too much spillage to consider that a successful chug.”

Kelce brothers face backlash

While the former Eagles center’s comments were more about getting under his brother’s skin, plenty of people did legitimately get upset over Kelce’s antics at Cincinnati. Kelce was accused on social media of being a bad role model and disrespecting a traditional school ceremony, especially given his influence as a celebrity while dating Taylor Swift. Jason addressed those concerns as well.

“Sorry for everybody who got upset about this. It wasn’t that kind of event. It wasn’t that serious,” he said. “There were two women wrestling in a vat of chili before this. That’s the athletic director posing with me. I’m pretty sure the athletic director isn’t the person who hands you your diploma.”

“In the words of Charles Barkley, I don’t think Travis or I should be anybody’s role models,” he continued.


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