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APOLOGY UNACCEPTABLE: Victims refuses to accept Rashee Rice apology after a video of him was released leaving the accident scene without helping the accident victims





Kansas City Chiefs receiver Rashee Rice has come forward to cooperate with Dallas police in their investigation of a crash on North Central Expressway that left four people injured. Initially sought by authorities, Rice’s involvement in the incident was confirmed on Tuesday, according to reports from TMZ.

The crash, which occurred on Saturday, involved multiple vehicles, including one registered or leased by Rice. However, it remains uncertain whether Rice was driving at the time of the accident. Reports indicate that Rice owns the Corvette involved in the crash and leases a Lamborghini, with the lease agreement stipulating he is the sole authorized driver.


Rashee Rice car Crached

Fortunately, no fatalities resulted from the six-car collision, but four individuals sustained injuries, with two requiring hospitalization. Complicating matters further, occupants of the racing vehicles involved fled the scene before authorities arrived.

The NFL is expected to scrutinize the incident involving Rice, and potential disciplinary action looms. While the league awaits further developments, Rice may face repercussions from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, including a possible suspension.

As the investigation continues, the Kansas City Chiefs and Rice himself await the outcome of inquiries into the crash, knowing that the incident could have significant implications for his career in the NFL.


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